Privacy Policy

Information we gather

Registration requires information such as your first name and a valid email address. Your username becomes public information. We do not share your email address with third parties or other users (see the Email section for further details).

You are also providing information:

  • through your profile: you can provide information such as a profile photo, a short introduction, your hobbies and favorite movies, books and TV shows. Any information that you post on your profile can be read by anyone accessing our site, whether they have an account or not.
  • by disclosing it in your posts and comments: posts or comments that you submit on PaperSpill can be viewed by anyone accessing the site and your username and a link to your profile will be available beside them.

Information you should not divulge

PaperSpill will never ask for sensitive information such as your Social Security Number or your home address. If you are prompted to reveal such information, it is either by a virus or a site impersonating PaperSpill.

We advise you to use caution in any private information you share with other users; while we do our best to filter out the users that violate our Terms of Use, we cannot guarantee that all registered users or people who view this site are trustworthy.

We also suggest that you pay attention to the information you are divulging to other users through private messages on PaperSpill, as the users you are conversing with are not obligated to keep the contents of the messages confidential. While our Terms of Use impose limits on what they can post on PaperSpill and prohibit them from gathering data through our site for their own gain, we cannot guarantee that what you divulge to other users will not affect you in any way.


Cookies provide your account information so you don't have to login every time; cookies and local storage also store your settings and help increase the functionality of our site for your convenience.



At present, the only occasions on which we need to contact you via email are:

  • when your post was upgraded to Papers (this setting can be changed in your account);
  • wishing you a Happy Birthday;
  • validating your email in order to register;
  • in case you forget your password and ask to reset it;
  • validating your request to delete your account.

In case you receive any unwarranted email from us, it is most likely someone impersonating PaperSpill or someone trying to sign up with your email address, in which case we will do our best to avoid spamming you inbox.

We might, in the future, add functionalities that imply sending you emails, with your permission, for other purposes besides the ones mentioned. Such functionalities will be announced on our site through menus or a special page (not through posts or private messages) and our Privacy Policy will be modified accordingly.

Third parties

We do not share your information with third parties.

You are welcome to share links to posts on PaperSpill via other social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook. We do not receive any data from your account on these sites and we are not responsible for their activity.

Updating your information and deleting posts and accounts

You are free to edit your personal and public information at any time. If you choose to delete your posts and/or account, they will no longer appear on our site, but you must allow for up to 60 days for them to be completely deleted from our site.

After you delete your account, messages you have sent to other users might still show in their inboxes, unless they delete them themselves.

In the eventuality that we have to terminate your account because of violations of our Terms of Use, we will also delete your posts and/or comments.