1. Site tips
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      C key to open the Comments section.
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    • Seen everything on the Papers section? Go to the Board and vote or Submit your own post.
  2. Tools for creating posts

    → Manipulating images and texts can be done in various degrees through different tools, such as:

    • Paint - easy solution for cropping, resizing, rotating, adding text and brush strokes. In more recent versions of Windows, it can also add different shapes, including dialog outlines, and provide a basic background removal option (free selection).
    • Snipping tool - can be used to take rectangular or free form snips from the screen, without the hassle of using Print Screen and cropping the image. It can also add basic brush stokes.
    • Adobe Photoshop - for those who prefer professional tools that perform some tasks, such as background removal and color replacement, automatically and more precisely.

      → Check out these online tutorials:

      Photoshop Guide

      Photoshop Tutorials

      Quick WikiHow guide on removing image backgrounds

    • Inkscape - a free and open source software vector graphics editor. It can be downloaded from It can perform many of the professional tasks required for creating posts and much more, but, as it was meant primarily for vector graphics, can be more complex to use.

      → See how to remove the background from an image:

      → as well as the filters that it provides:

    • GIMP - free, cross-platform, open source image editor. Can also be used to optimize GIFs.

      → Check out these online tutorials.

  3. Optimizing GIF images

    → There are plenty of free tools that allow you to optimize GIF (and other) files quick and easy. Some of these are:

    • - a powerful online tool for drastically reducing the size of your images and photos whilst maintaining a high quality with almost no difference before and after compression. Just drag and drop your image.
    • - a simple online GIF maker and toolset for basic animated GIF editing. Shrinks any GIF image by reducing the number of colors and minimizes the file sizes by up to 30%, and can also resize, crop and add effects to GIF images.
    • GIMP - a free, cross-platform, open source image editor. Can be used to create GIFs, as well as optimize them.

      → See this quick tutorial on how to do that:

      Making an optimized GIF in Gimp